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Our proprietary Creative Fission method is unique. It was developed by Vivek Kuchibhotla over a career that spanned a decade as a CPG Marketer, another decade working in Account Management at a major Ad Agency, and a third decade spent as a Creative Thinking Trainer, working with over 200 Agencies and many leading Brands, in 15 countries. This bird’s eye view of the industry, and his very particular experience stack, gave him unique insight into how to hack the process of developing creative solutions.

Business Problem Definition

We work with you to clearly define the problem to be solved.

Creative Fission

This is a carefully designed and moderated Co-Creation session with all the stakeholders involved. The participants are challenged to very quickly come up with 100+ creative approaches. At least 2-5 solutions will be winners.

Creative Thinking Techniques

Left to their own devices, people find it very difficult to come up with new ideas. This is where most traditional “brainstorms” go wrong and why it is vital to use Creative Thinking tools that “explain” how to do it, turbocharge the creative process and, last but not least, give people “permission” to be creative.

Agreement on Winning Idea

The 100+ ideas are filtered using the business problem, the brand equity, and the power of the Idea itself. Together, you and the Hitch team will come to consensus on the winning idea and ensure that it is properly and precisely verbalized. This is key to ensure correct execution across channels and into the future.

Agreement on Execution Plan

The winning idea will dictate how and where it must be executed. This may involve copywriting, prototyping, data analysis, or any of a number of activities. The team must agree on the activities that must be executed and the order in which they must be done.

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