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Our Compensation Model

In the compensation model used by traditional Advertising Agencies, the greater the scope of work, the higher the fee. The more convoluted the process, the higher the fee. The more people needed to staff the Account, the higher the fee. And the more they can bury in the overhead, the higher the fee. This saddles you, the Advertiser, with a high monthly retainer that is very difficult to reconcile with the actual deliverables.

Our Co-Creation model, a one time cost that leads to quicker creative development.

There is virtually no re-work, clear project scopes, and quick alignment among stakeholders. This translates into significant cost savings for you.

Work is done strictly on a per-project basis.

There is no monthly Agency fee to cover a hard to pin down staffing team, built to execute a vague and bloated scope of work.

We have a very lean structure.

Our overheads is low. All costs are clearly accounted for.

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